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Have you ever visited Italy and it changed your life forever? Most people who get to experience a piece of la dolce vita, the sweet life, never forget it and try to implement it into their life when they return home. Our Tuscany collection gives you the power to savor the energy of life in Italy and carry it with you every day.
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Our inspiration originates from charming Tuscany! Architectural elements including arches, pilasters, columns, domes, entablatures, and pediments were strong Renaissance features that were subtly implemented into our designs for this extraordinary jewelry collection.

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We also used important characteristics of architecture from the Renaissance period such as ancient and classical design. If you look closely you can see the use of geometry, proportion, and symmetry in our Tuscany Jewelry collection. In addition, renaissance art encourages a willingness to explore, discover and maintain faith in humanity. It features the rebirth of naturalism and promotes emotional connection through artwork.

Our Bearfruit Tuscany collection allows you to embrace renaissance architecture and art in a modern world. We purposely photographed our jewelry collection in Tuscany Italy to show you how naturally our pieces fit in with this beautiful province in Italy.

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Our dedication to honoring the Italian culture encouraged us to design each piece of jewelry to perfection. As the great Italian artists of the past took time to paint and design every detail from their hearts, we have done the same thing with our collection.

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As you already know our exquisite pieces were inspired by Tuscany’s Renaissance architectural accents and motifs. The sketching process for each piece was a labor of love. Every detail was designed with Tuscany in mind and meant to connect your body, mind, and soul to the area. With our Tuscany collection, you can be anywhere in the world and still maintain a deep connection to la dolce vita every time you wear our jewelry.

Another essential aspect of our Tuscany jewelry collection is we purposely create it to be durable for daily wear and maintain a like-new appearance for years to come. We have sought out professionals in the industry that take our designs from sketches to a beautiful reality. Our entire collection is manufactured in Korea by the best in the industry.

As you wear our Tuscany collection you will instantly feel a connection to Italy, the culture, fashion, and architecture!

The expertly crafted pieces of this collection can be mixed and matched to allow you to create a variety of styles. Our crafting methods combined the renaissance period with modern technology that produced our innovative collection.

You can wear each piece of the collection one at a time or you can stack rings and layer necklaces and bracelets to create your own Tuscany vibe. Each piece tells a story and you have the freedom to decide the narrative you want to exude each day with our Bearfruit Jewelry Tuscany collection!

Our goal is to create beautiful jewelry that connects you with the famous Italian region and makes you feel like you are walking the countryside in Tuscany every day!

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